Arrowhead Community


mobile modular homes Carl Feather Homes Bedford, PA 15522
Arrowhead Acres is a land lease community for seniors age 55 and over. (That means that at least one of the occupants must be 55 or older)  When complete there will be a total of 59 lots.  The first phase, which is now complete and ready, contains 26 lots.  When we have at least 20 lots occupied we will begin Phase 2 and 3.  We are building a community center on lot 32.  All homes in the community will be end entry two section homes and will be sold and installed by Carl Feather Homes.  A storage building to match the home is required.  Landscaping will be done by Carl Feather Homes and is included in the set up package.  A yard light, a tree, and shrubbery will be provided. We will also provide a concrete parking pad in front of your home. Rent is $265 to $285 per month and includes lawn mowing, snow removal from your driveway, garbage pick up and road maintenance.  If you choose not to have lawn mowing & snow removal service rent is $205 to $225.

Community Living Benefits


The cost of manufactured homes is significantly lower than the cost of site built homes.  Manufactured homes do not depreciate as many people think.  In most cases a multi-section home in a community has sold for more the second time than the first.


Manufactured homes are built to a strict code enforced by hud. They are built inside a factory where the materials are kept dry during construction. They have 2 x 6 sidewalls on 16 inch centers and use double pane windows, and other materials as site built homes. They also offer 5/12 and 7/12 roof pitches, finished drywall interiors and much more.


A university report revealed that manufactured homes have a lower rate of fires than site-built homes. When there is a fire, research shows no fire safety differences between manufactured homes and site-built homes.


Manufactured homes are built with a cost-effective approach to energy efficiency. Hud has written new energy standards to make sure manufactured home buyers have the lowest possible total energy costs.


You may finance your new manufactured home through Carl Feather Homes or you can also arrange financing through your own bank, savings association or credit union.


Since Carl Feather Homes is right next door to Arrowhead Acres Community, there will always be someone to contact in case a service concern arises.