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Arrowhead Community

Rules & Regulations


Each manufactured home is specifically warranted by the manufacturer for a period of one year. Please refer to the warranty booklet you received at the time of your settlement.

Please be sure to complete and mail the warranty registration cards for your appliances.

Before settlement there will be a joint inspection of your home between you and a member of Carl Feather Homes to record any defects. Service required to correct these defects will be arranged as soon as possible.

After settlement all non- emergency maintenance requests must be submitted in writing to the sales office. Please be sure to list your name, address, and give permission for service staff to enter your home in your absence.


Attractively designed and well maintained landscaping is very important to Arrowhead Acres residents and a typical landscape designs plan has been planted. Each resident is required to cut,trim,fertilize,remove weeds,edge and water your lawn whenever needed. 

If any resident fails to maintain the lot and keep it neat and orderly, Arrowhead Acres reserves the right to enter the lot and compete the necessary lawn maintenance for which the resident will be charged with the payment for such services being due and payable upon presentation of an invoice, and, thereafter, if necessary, collected as additional rent per the pad lease.

To avoid damage to underground utility lines, residents must receive written permission from Arrowhead Acres management before starting any digging, other than lawn and landscape maintenance.
All planting in addition to the typical landscape plan must be approved by Arrowhead Acres management.

Arrowhead Acres encourages lawn improvements; however, shrubs, trees, or any other improvements, once planted, shall remain and shall not be removed at the time of vacating the pad site.

Snow removal of residents driveway and walkway is residents responsibility. If the resident is unable to provide for snow removal, the service will be provided for Arrowhead Acres and the cost charged to the resident and collectible as additional rent. You can have Arrowhead Acres mow your grass when needed and provide snow removal from your driveway for a additional monthly fee.


Each resident of Arrowhead Acres is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their home at their own cost and expense.
A storage shed not to exceed park regulations is required for each home, unless the home has a garage.
Many residents will want to make exterior home improvements. Because this affects the look of the community, prior to commencement of the work, all exterior improvements must be approved by the management. This includes but is not limited to awnings, enclosures and additions. Desired improvements are available through Arrowhead Acres or your own contractor with the advance written consent of management obtained prior to construction.

Arrowhead Acres will not allow fences or exterior clothes lines.
Cable television is available through a local cable company. Radio and TV antennas are prohibited.


Pennsylvania law states that upon arrival all residents must register the make, model, serial number and number of occupants of each home. Arrowhead Acres has the right to refuse admittance to anyone without stating a reason. Also, Arrowhead Acres has the right to refuse to accept rent from anyone not desired as residents.

Subletting of any home is not permitted. All residents must own their own home.


No more than 1 small pet with a 30lb. weight limit per household is permitted and must be approved by Arrowhead Acres management. When outdoors, pets must be leashed and accompanied by the owner. Pet waste must be cleaned (retrieved) immediately. No outside (on pad site) dog houses, kennels or runs shall be permitted. Noisy or unruly pets will not be allowed to remain. Please inform visitors not to bring pets. There will be a pet fee of $5.00 per month added to the rent.


Homes are for residential use only. The monthly rent is for 2 persons per home. At least one person per household must be 55 years old or older.  Other persons must be at least 45years of age. No more than 3 persons may permanently reside in any home. An additional fee of $5.00 per month will be charged for the additional person.

Although Arrowhead Acres is a private community, there will be times when guests will be visiting. We request that all overnight guests or visitors be registered at the sales office. The amount of time for any visit shall be one week unless otherwise approved by management. Children are welcome to visit,but should not cause disturbance or problems for other residents.


Unless a written lease provides otherwise, residents must give sixty (60) day written notice, effective the first day of the month following the receipt of the written notice by management, stating an intention to vacate with the forwarding address and the last day of occupancy. Please be sure all real estate taxes are paid. Proof of payment must be furnished upon request.

If resident is planning to remove you’re home from Arrowhead Acres, the removal contractor shall be designated and approved in advance by management and the removal of the home shall be coordinated and at the mutual convenience of the resident, management and the contractor. All rent, fees, charges and assessment must be paid to the end of the term prior to the removal of the home.

Arrowhead Acres reserves the right to prohibit removal of the home until the above mentioned fees are paid.

Be advised that prior to moving any home a removal permit must be obtained from the proper authorities. This permit must be shown to Arrowhead Acres management before commencing removal of the home.


We hope that our residents will live at Arrowhead Acres permanently. However job transfers and other circumstances arise, causing a change in residence. Carl Feather Homes is ready to assist you in the sale of your home. Each resident may sell a home in place, and on site by themselves or with the assistance of Carl Feather Homes provided the following criteria is met:

  • All purchasers must file a application and be approved by Arrowhead Acres management before executing a lease and taking possession of the home.
  • The purchaser’s financial responsibility must be deemed satisfactory by Arrowhead Acres.
  • The purchaser must execute a lease with Arrowhead Acres prior to closing (purchasing) the home.
  • No signs of any type will be permitted on the lawn of the home. Only Arrowhead Acres has the right to rent a lot to residents or prospective residents of this community. No lot shall be sublet other than by management or without the written consent of the management. No lot should be occupied by any person who is not a party to the written lease with the management.


A speed limit of 15 miles per hour is posted and shall be observed throughout the park at all times. Unlicensed persons are not permitted to operate a motor vehicle within the community. Motorcycles, motor scooters, mini-bikes, ATV’s and unlicensed or inoperable vehicles are not permitted in Arrowhead Acres.

Each resident has two (2) paved, private parking spaces within the pad site. Short term parking for guests is permitted on the street. Overnight or long term parking should be in the designated visitor parking spaces available throughout the community and not on the street. Please do not park on the grass.

A separate designated parking area (not on the pad site) will be provided for parking of travel trailers, campers, boats and snow mobiles. Parking in the designated parking area will be at owners risk.

No commercial vehicles shall be parked at any pad unless for emergency service unit. No vehicle repairs shall be made in the community other than ordinary maintance. 


All deliveries must be made to your home. If you are unable to accept a delivery please arrange to have a neighbor accept delivery for you. No deliveries will be accepted at the sales office.


Arrowhead Acres residents are responsible for the cost of maintenance of all drains, pipes and plumbing and heating systems generally, within their home after warranty expiration.


A dumpster is provided for your convenience. Please put garbage in a garbage bag before depositing in the dumpster.


Arrowhead Acres reserves the right in its sole discretion to make adjustments to the lot size is necessary. Be reminded that the lot rent is based on the lot type and not the square footage. Some lots will accommodate a 22′ attached garage, the rent is higher in those lots.

Lot dimension shown on the site plans are foe Arrowhead Acres construction use only. Arrowhead Acres will not stake lot corners for residents.


  1. Please avoid trespassing on others lots.
  2. Please be considerate of your neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum. Loud parties are not allowed.
  3. Arrowhead Acres residents are required to obtain appropriate insurance coverage on their homes and content.
  4. Arrowhead Acres shall not be liable for any damages or or injury which may be sustained by the resident or any guest by the invitee, as a consequence of the failure, breakage or leaking or obstruction of the water, sewer, waste or soil pipes, electrical system; or by any reason of the elements; or resulting from carelessness, negligence or conduct on the part of the residents or residents guest, agents, licensees, invitees,subleases,assignee or successors; or attributable to any interference’s with, interruption of failure, whether or not beyond the control of Arrowhead Acres.
  5. any individual who is convicted of a felony shall not be eligible to reside in Arrowhead Acres.
  6. All signs, billboards or advertising structures of any kind is prohibited in Arrowhead Acres unless approved by management.
  7. Arrowhead Acres has the right to remove or relocate a home within the park at the owners expense which is uninhabitable and or has had substantial damage such as fire, vandalism, etc. and has not been repaired within a reasonable period of time in the sole discretion of Arrowhead Acres.
  8. Arrowhead acres has the right to secure and relocate any home at the expense of the resident which has been abandoned for (60) days or more.
  9. Arrowhead Acres residents are responsible for the maintenance of each lot . 
  10. Arrowhead Acres reserves the right to adjust or change rules and regulations as it deems necessary.
  11. Residents must have a working fire extinguisher.
  12. no more than 4 guest overnight.
  13. Arrowhead acres reserves the right to make addtional changes to these rules when necesaary. Residents will be advised of the changes in the rules and regulations at least (30) days in advance. We don not want to evict anyone from this park, but violations of these rules and regulations may make eviction nessary. Your suggestions and comments are always welcomed and encouraged. We reserve the right to enter any lot (not home) at any time. Thank you for your cooperation.


Arrowhead Acres reserves the right to make additions or changes to these regulations when necessary. Residents will be advised of the changes in the regulations at least thirty (30) days in advance thereof. Arrowhead Acres does not want to evict anyone from this park, but violations of these regulations may make eviction necessary. Your suggestions and comments are always welcomed and encouraged. We reserve the right to enter any lot (not home) at any time. Thank you for your cooperation.

We hope each resident will be happy in their new home. These guidelines should help to make living at Arrowhead Acres an enjoyable experience for everyone